Fill up your basket!

Afternoon Delight


The Afternoon Delight. Here to help with any potential afternoon dips you may get after lunch. We all get them from time to time. They spring themselves upon us, and are about as welcome as a dog at a game of skittles.

But fear not……whilst you pretend to friends and work mates that you are wide awake and pleased to be at work, we will help you whip up a little Green Magic to whisk away those afternoon gremlins. As your likely to be at work we wanted to keep this one nice and simple.



1 Teaspoon of ULTIMATE BLEND.

50-100 ml of Pomegranate juice or Orange juice or Apple juice (Whatever juice you like really).

1 small banana.

Stir the powder and the juice together into a nice simple “shot sized drink” and neck it.

The banana is there to eat afterwards just to help regulate your blood sugar levels throughout the afternoon.