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Hion are the brand who developed Green & Purple Powder. We didn't realise it was going to be such a massive success so we've had to build a better website that makes buying easier for you & one that will allow us to sell all our exciting new up and coming products.

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Perfecting The Blend Of Science & Nature

Here at HION Ltd - Health Inspired Optimum Nutrition we are totally focused and fully committed to our goal of becoming recognised as the leading manufacturer of Advanced Nutritional Supplements that are backed by science and powdered by nature. We are driven by an immense passion for natural health, wellbeing and performance, which is demonstrated by our commitment to use world leading ingredients that combine to provide outstanding products, that achieve real results.

Our focus on product purity, excellence and perfection is backed by advanced scientific research and analysis that helps us to keep ahead of the game.

A great deal of effort goes into sourcing only the purest and most effective ingredients from around the world and as a result our powders are in a different class from people that like to think they can compete against us.

Our customers can rest assured that not only are our ingredients market leading in terms of quality, effectiveness, but also in terms of their consistency and reliability. We do not simply take our farmers words for granted, we test everything for quality.

Our extensively researched "bespoke blends" have tailored ingredient ratios that have been developed with meticulous precision and are then hand blended in the UK to ensure we achieve the desired level of perfection.

To ensure we achieve the perfect balance of Science and Nature, Green Powder are constantly testing and researching exciting new ingredients, with a commitment to develop innovative products without anything other than natures most effective ingredients.

Our current range of advanced nutritional supplements manage to deliver real results by understanding what the human body needs and how to deliver it in its most effective form.

With today's busy society we understand that convenience counts, however along with all our customers, we also believe there should absolutely be no sacrifice when it comes to your health, well-being and performance. Achieving the perfect diet is not easy, that is why we developed our Green Powders. To help people achieve a greater level of health, well-being and performance, with the convenience of a pill, but with qualities that only nature can provide. Finally, convenience does not mean a sacrifice in quality. Thanks to the perfect blend of Science and Nature, It now means the total opposite.

The Story So Far

The development of Green Powder started many years ago and are now the amazing result of years of study and research into the mind blowing effects of some of the worlds most powerful natural ingredients.

The initial concept was developed during discussions with many highly respected nutritionists, therapists, doctors, performance specialists and professional athletes. There was a stark realisation that the diet, nutrition and supplementation industry was becoming overwhelmed with increasingly confusing products, making all sorts of wild claims. All this was happening whilst leaving us questioning the true quality of the ingredients used within the products and also whether they actually worked.

From scientific research, experience and physical results, we know that the Human body responds best to quality natural ingredients. We have all evolved over millions of years utilising what nature has provided. It is therefore believed that our bodies recognise and know what to do with natural ingredients, over synthetic alternatives.

Our goal with Green Powder was to develop a 100% natural supplementation range that provides the body with an extremely high quality range of nutrients that help achieve optimum function, health, well-being and performance.

By focusing on "real results" and by maintaining a commitment to excellence and perfection, we have been able to develop some extremely effective nutrient combinations, that utalise some of the worlds most amazing ingredients.

During our development stages we searched all over the world for the very best natural ingredients and only allowed the absolute best to be shortlisted for further research. Whilst searching, sourcing, testing and developing we made sure we utilised every avenue possible to understand our ingredients full health benefits. We looked into cultural and historical usage, modern day science and research, but most importantly of all we listened to the feedback we gained from the people that actually use Green Powders.

Amongst some of our ingredients are powerful organic powders from Peru, berries from Brazil, grasses from New Zealand and teas from the Far East. We traveled far and wide, we met some amazingly passionate people and had an amazing journey of discovery and development.

Our searching and development will never stop and our blends will be ever evolving. The quality of our ingredients speak for themselves, but the real results are found within the people that use our amazing powders.

OK, so we aren’t allowed to say they're "magic powders", but we think they're pretty close.

Common Questions

Can anyone take Green Powders?

Green Powders offer the same advice as all nutrition and supplement manufacturers which is, that before starting any new nutritional or supplementation program it is recommended that you speak to your health practitioner. There is also a small amount of naturally occurring caffeine within the Green Tea Extract and would therefore not recommend for consumption by children.

When is the best time to take Green Powder?

Depending on which blend you are taking we would usually recommend that you take your Green Powders after food. If possible we would recommend either breakfast or lunch to help your body regulate better throughout the day. The reason we say to take the powders with food is simply due to the fact that you will metabolise a greater percentage of the ingredients, over a slower period of time. This is due to the fact that when combined with the other food substances within your digestive system, your body will use numerous "transport systems" to ensure you metabolise and digest a greater percentage of the combined nutrients.

Can I add them to food and smoothies?

Yes....Adding them to food and smoothies is a great way to add a huge range of nutrients to your diet. Typical examples of smoothies we love are: The Afternoon Delight, The Morning Mash-UP and The Honey I'm Home. You can also add them to virtually any food and we'd love to hear from you if you have found any amazing recipes or combinations. What we do suggest is that you if you are going to add them to food then put them in towards the end to prevent the nutrients being damaged by too much cooking.

What do they taste like?

Each powder has its own unique taste, but generally they have an earthy, grassy wholesome taste. However if that's not to you liking, then you can add them to juice or a smoothie and you'll barely notice any taste at all. Lots of people actually quite like the taste and swear it has a "healthy kick to it" and is a good way to start the day.

Our view on taste is quite simple.....Our powders are so crammed full of natures amazing goodness, that if it tasted of strawberries and cream it would be too good to be true! We have focused solely on the quality and effectiveness of our ingredients, safe in the knowledge that in order to make it taste like other products on the market we would have had to add things we didn't want to. If it's a sweet sugary sensation you are after, then we ain't the powders for you.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We have a 30 day money back guarantee where you can apply for a refund if you were convinced that you had no positive response from your powders.

In order to qualify for this guarantee, you must have made your purchase through our website, 30 days must have passed since the original order was delivered and we require an email from you confirming that you took your powders as directed over the 30 days with an explanation of what, if any responses you felt you had from our powders.

If for any reason there is a problem with your items please let us know immediately and we will refund you in full.

Where there are claims for damaged goods we will require a photo of the damages showing how they were received.

To date we have had no requests for a refund under either policy.

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Postage will be added at the checkout stage of your purchase.

Our postage charges have been calculated according to the guidance given to us by the Royal Mail.

We make no money from postage.

£5.00 to £15.00 order value - £1.60 Postage (First Class).

£16.00 to £60.00 order value - £2.70 Postage (First Class).

£65.00 order value and above - Free Postage (First Class).

The packages we send out are designed to fit through your letter box, so you don't have to be home to sign for your goods.